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Leo Guerra is a dynamic Brazilian percussionist who has been playing with traditional jazz, blues, country, Brazilian jazz and bossa-nova bands/artists in Brazil and US. A former member of the renowned Mississippi Devils, Leo is featured as both composer and performer on their first album, recorded in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently based in NYC.


Leo is currently the percussionist and co-founder at The Smoky Caipirinhas, a piano/percussion duo with pianist/singer Alex Frederick. TSC brings reinterpretations of Bossa Nova Classics and Jazz Standards with a vaudeville flair, using percussion elements such as the washboard, spoons, cajon, Brazilian tamborim, blended with seamless female vocals and unique piano playing style.

Also a washboardist at Small Dog Jazz Society, a revolving cast of amazing traditional jazz musicians led by Ellen Warkentine (clarinet, vocals) and Jimmy Mulhollan (guitar). 

Leo plays percussion with The Automat, a NYC based band helmed by Chris Q. Murphy and specializing in R&B, blues, jazz, country, and all forms of goodtime music. 

He also plays in Seth Goldart and Company, a mostly acoustic band that brings new versions of classic rock, country, Americana and folk music, with arrangements for mandolin, trumpet, accordion and percussion.


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